Bucket Lists and FI – Chris from lifeoutsidethemaze.com – MHFI020

Doug and Carl interview Chris, the “Indiana Jones” of the FI community. Chris worked in the startup world before leaving to pursue a series of bucket-list adventures including:

  • An archeological dig for a dinosaur
  • Diving for treasure in the Florida keys
  • Learning Muay Thai kickboxing
  • Writing a screenplay
  • Recording an album

Meet Chris from Life Outside the Maze 

The Financial Independence community has been sorely lacking in treasure hunters and archeologists … until now! Chris, who blogs over at lifeoutsidethemaze.com is someone who gives careful thought to what he wants out of life. After working in the start-up world for most of his career, he and his wife had saved up enough to feel comfortable working for happiness instead of financial gain. But since leaving behind formal work, he has been anything but lazy. Chris brainstormed a list of dozens of  goals he wanted to achieve, experiences he wanted to have, and adventures he wanted to challenge himself with. To  create his epic list, Chris looked back to his childhood loves and then far beyond. So far, he has helped uncover one of the world’s most complete torosaurs, found right here in Colorado, dived for sunken treasure, learned Muay Thai kickboxing, written a screenplay, recorded an album, visited dozens of national parks, climbed Long’s Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, and he’s done it all while raising two boys. Chris is truly someone to look to for inspiration if you are struggling with boredom in a post-FI life or if you wonder how you’ll fill your days once you do hit FI.

Our Discussion with Chris 

We had so much to cover with Chris, but we were able to discuss a few of his fascinating adventures in our short time. Chris told us his origin story and how he first began to think seriously about fulfillment when a successful venture capitalist (with a net worth of roughly half a billion dollars) warned Chris that he’d be no happier once he became truly rich. This comment made Chris question his path forward in life, and he and his wife began rethinking their focus and saving. Chris also told us that the first time he walked away from life, he struggled with boredom and depression and eventually went back to work. When Chris felt ready to walk away a second time, he did so with a plan. He created a structure for himself and made a list of adventures and goals he wanted to tackle in life. We delved into the psychology of leaving work behind and how boredom can actually create space for creativity.

We then waded into the specifics of Chris’s “bucket list” – a term he uses with hesitation. Chris thinks of it as a life list – things he wants to challenge himself with and enjoy along the way and not something to be mindlessly checked off as we near the end of our time on Earth. But whatever the name for it, Chris’s list of dreams he hopes to achieve (and has already achieved) is nothing short of inspiring. He talked to us about how he became an amateur archeologist, how he got connected with a treasure-diving enterprise, gave us the goods on the coming-of-age story screenplay he’s been working on, talked about his life-long love of music and the album he’s been creating, and his many outdoor adventures. Chris also told us about how he became connected to the FI community and his investing strategy. We also talked about the teaching and mentoring Chris has done, and wrapped things up with a brief discussion of home-brewing.

We hope you enjoy hearing about Chris’s many adventures and that it inspires you to make your own list of dreams and get started living them!


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