Mailbag | MHFi 025

In another listener mailbag show, Doug and Carl answer more questions.

– Roxanne asks: If your financial independence (FI) journey was a movie, which one would it be? (check out Roxanne’s YouTube Channel)
– David asks: What are your favorite travel rewards cards?

The conversation then gets serious. Doug and Carl discuss questions from Twitter user Mindspeaks:

  • How does one stop focusing on FI and start focusing on life?
  • I came from a lower-middle-class household and had extended family who mocked our money situation. This scarred me.
  • I could have started saving in 2009, but I spent recklessly instead. How do I forgive myself for these mistakes?
  • I am stuck at my job because of a work visa. What do I do?
  • Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedom. What is your experience with money post-FI?

Of course, there is a little asparagus talk too.




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