How To Sleep Better | MHFi 033

Doug and Carl talk to Kristen Rainey about a topic that matters to everyone: sleep! Kristen Rainey is the founder of Northstar Sleep School, and she takes good sleep seriously. On her podcast, Northstar Unplugged, she talks to fascinating people about health, wellness, and (of course) sleep.

Kristen has accomplished so much in her life. She attended Princeton University and has had multiple successful careers, including working with Google in the food arena to ensure all employees had access to delicious, healthy foods.

Now she has turned her keen eye to the realm of sleep and helps train people to build and maintain excellent sleeping habits and feel better in their lives.

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Here are a few highlights of our discussion:

  • High-stress jobs and how to sleep well even if you have one
  • Why do we sleep?
  • How much sleep we need
  • How to take the perfect nap
  • Best sleep practices
  • Building a sleep routine
  • Dealing with jet lag
  • Sleep supplements and how other substances affect sleep
  • Sleep trackers
  • The ideal sleep environment, including mattress and cooling pad recommendation

We are ready to get a great night’s sleep every night after talking to Kristen, and hope you can pick up some helpful tips from her to help you live a well-rested life!