Real Life Indiana Jones – Chris from Life Outside the Maze | MHFI 123 (Rebroadcast)

Doug and Carl interview Chris, the “Indiana Jones” of the FI community. The Financial Independence community has been sorely lacking in treasure hunters and archeologists … until now! Chris, who blogs over at is someone who gives careful thought to what he wants out of life. After working in the start-up world for most of his career, he and his wife had saved up enough to feel comfortable working for happiness instead of financial gain. Chris worked in the startup world before leaving to pursue a series of bucket-list adventures including:

  • An archeological dig for a dinosaur
  • Diving for treasure in the Florida keys
  • Learning Muay Thai kickboxing
  • Writing a screenplay
  • Recording an album

Check out some of Chris’s most recent blog posts about his battle with cancer here:

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