Coast FI, Slow FI, & Pioneering Your Path to Financial Freedom | MHFI 157

Doug and Carl talk about different flavors of FI, traditional, Coast FI, Slow FI, and FartFIRE.

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  • Traditional FI
  • Slow FI
  • Coast FI
  • FartFIRE

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**Disclaimer: The podcast is for informational purposes. Maybe entertainment but we won’t even make such a claim. You shouldn’t take the info as financial, legal, or tax advice. We aren’t certified financial planners or advisors. We’re not qualified for much. So get advice from professionals.**

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0:00 Intro

5:23 How you can support us

7:03 Different types of FIRE

8:16 Carl’s journey from tech to FI

11:50 Doug’s journey to FI

15:00 Quiet quitting is real

17:47 Life before and after FIRE

21:25 What is Slow FI?

23:07 What if Carl had done Slow FI?

28:25 Disadvantages of Slow FI

30:16 What is Coast FI?

32:53 Investing into retirement and post-tax accounts

35:48 Pros and cons of Coast FI

39:49 Fart FIRE

46:38 Happiness