All the Hacks – Chris Hutchins | MHFI 173

Doug and Carl talk to Chris Hutchins about life hacks, optimization, and key takeaways/changes driven by the book “Die with Zero”.  Chris also discusses his podcast “All the Hacks” and his plans to further evolve the brand.

  • Chris’s passion for digging deep into content that interests him
  • Taking “All the Hacks” from not only a podcast, but to a platform that builds community through a membership program (dubbed the “AAA for our generation”)
  • Misconceptions about life hacks – looking for shortcuts vs. putting in the work for better outcomes
  • “Die with Zero” takeaways – maximizing life vs. net worth, time bucketing, providing inheritances before death

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0:00 Introduction

1:49 Ramit Sethi

7:18 Building the podcast

14:34 Chris’s origin story

24:22 Optimization failures

33:24 “Die With Zero” takeaways

44:48 Estate planning

50:09 Chris’s favorite episode & hack