Approaching Coast FI Case Study | MHFI 186

Doug and Carl talk to Frances and Peter about their finances. Topics include Coast FI, real estate investing, emergency funds, and civet coffee (google it, we dare you!).

  • Intro: A crazy purchase. Team Asparagus.
  • Coast FI
  • Should they invest in more real estate?
  • The great “paying off the house” debate rages on
  • Were they too Frugal?
  • Challenges
  • Frances and Peter’s numbers
  • The Ideal Life


  1. $125,000 in investments is a great start, but suggest getting that number bigger before coasting.
  2. Since their income is good, consider a solo 410(k) to reduce taxable income.
  3. Settle your house situation to get the money off the sidelines.
  4. $40,000 is a lot to have in cash. Consider deploying some of that into investment accounts.
  5. Don’t sacrifice happiness now. Live life, even if it takes a little longer to retire.

Listener Question: What did Doug and Carl get right? What did they get wrong? What advice would you give Frances and Peter?

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0:00 Introduction

1:27 Coffee & asparagus

7:57 Case study background

18:29 Housing Pt. 1

29:33 Frugal in recovery

35:57 Ideal $10MM life

46:30 The numbers

59:09 Housing Pt. 2

1:04:39 Final advice

1:11:57 Soundcheck – The big event