DIY Projects, Live-In Flips, and Financial Planning | Mailbag | MHFI 193

Doug and Carl answer questions from the Facebook mailbag.

  • Sam: How important were the live-in flips and other real estate ventures that you and Mindy got into impact your success and overall net worth?
  • Patrick: With all of Carl’s DIY experience, what house projects would he now hire out (like flooring, tile, drywall, or bathroom remodels) instead of spending the time doing it yourself?
  • Lauren: Want to know the opinions of relocating from a low cost-of-living-area to a high cost-of-living-area to be closer to outdoor activities that you love and find a community you identify with.  Should someone do it and what tips do you have?
  • Hallie: Has Doug tried Melanzana’s Wind Pro Sweatpants?
  • Claudia: How would you do Roth conversions when you have a mix of 401k, IRA, a Roth IRA, and brokerage account?  How do you convert when you’re still working, but you’re going to retire soon and you want to minimize taxes now but also in the future?  (Approx 3 years from retirement)

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0:00 Introduction

1:08 Question 1: Importance of live-in flips

9:40 Question 2: DIY vs. hiring out

14:37 Tips for finding contractors

19:02 Concerts & recent activities

30:25 Question 3: Relocating to a high cost-of-living area

37:44 Question 4: Melanzana sweatpants

40:04 Question 5: Roth conversions

45:10 Flexible buckets to draw from

53:40 Soundcheck – Melanzana