Mr. Money Mustache & Car Free Living at Culdesac | MHFI 207

Doug and Carl visit Culdesac, a unique car-free rental apartment community in Tempe, AZ that redefines the typical American neighborhood by focusing on sustainability, communal living spaces, and alternative transportation options.  The guys are joined by members of the FI community (including Pete Adeney (Mr. Money Mustache), Paula Pant, Brad Barrett, and Chad Carson) to discuss Culdesac with co-founder and CEO Ryan Johnson.  The group explores Culdesac’s aims, design, how it represents a potential model for future urban planning, and concludes with a discussion on the importance & challenges of creating walkable, car-free communities.  Pete also shares his personal experience living in this community to include the impact of car-free living on personal finance, happiness, and building community. 

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0:00 Introduction

4:18 Welcome to Culdesac

8:48 Car ownership and transportation alternatives

13:14 Demand for walkable neighborhoods

20:38 Influences & future plans for Culdesac

25:54 Defining a walkable neighborhood

32:34 Success of Culdesac & future projects

37:36 Pete’s personal experience

43:50 Community and iteration & learning

48:56 Challenges & strategies for building a new community