Accidental FI, Early Retirement, & Subtle Art of Living FI – Bob Haines | MHFI 210

Doug and Carl chat with Bob Haines who is a well-known figure in the FI community due to his frequent attendance of various FI-related events such as FinCon, EconoMe, Chautauqua, and CampFI.  Bob recounts his financial journey from initially finding FI through the Tim Ferriss podcast, to discovering that he was accidentally FI already, to transitioning fully into the world of early retirement almost five years ago.  Bob also discusses the changes he’s seen in the FI community over the years and the power of FI events.

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0:00 Introduction

4:42 Discovering FIRE & accidentally FI

12:40 What if… Life without finding FIRE

20:41 Running out of life vs running out of money

27:25 The power & attraction of FI events

39:28 Marriage & merging finances later in life

45:34 Embracing e-bikes

51:29 Luxury spending in the FI community

57:56 Changes in the FI community

1:00:31 The perfect day

1:09:06 Soundcheck – Favorite parts of EconoMe