Are High Net Worth People Happier? – Allison | MHFI 220

Doug and Carl chat with Allison, delving into her unique journey as a nanny for high net worth families and some insights & takeaways from those with wealth.  Allison also discusses her path toward financial independence including frugal areas of her life, giving into the (lifestyle) creep, and finally attending an in-person FI event for the first time after being in the community virtually for so many years.

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0:00 Introduction

3:12 Life as a nanny for the wealthy

9:22 Insights on wealth & happiness

13:11 Sunk cost fallacy

20:28 Contemplating life with 100X current net worth

27:19 Discovering Financial Independence

37:35 Areas of frugality

42:58 Giving in to the (lifestyle) creep

49:22 Attending first FI events

55:19 FI in real-life

1:05:13 The perfect day

1:09:47 Soundcheck – Gray blobs