Retired Two Months: Q&A – Elizabeth & Dusti | MHFI 223

Doug chats with two recent retirees, his wife Elizabeth & friend Dusti.  The group discusses the transition to retirement, sharing insights on dealing with stress, maintaining productivity, and discovering new interests.  Elizabeth & Dusti also answer questions from the Facebook mailbag.

  • Jamie – Have you decompressed yet from baseline stress?  Others have said you don’t realize how stressed you really are until you leave the job behind.  If so, how long did it take?  What’s been the biggest surprise in the first two months?
  • AJ – Has your mindset about money and spending shifted at all in the last two months?  Do you have more or less anxiety about fun spending?
  • Frieda – What were you grateful to have done prior to leaving your employer?  And is there anything that you wish you would have done in advance to your last day at work?
  • Hallie – Do you have any thoughts about finding challenges or fulfillment once the “honeymoon stage” is over?  Or are you just enjoying the process of relaxing and unwinding for now?
  • Catie – How are you balancing the productivity mindset versus relaxing/being present versus guilt for being able to do a lot more of ‘nothing’?  Curious about any new routines/structure of your day now too!
  • Chris – What has been most surprising in the first two months?  And looking back, is there anything you would have done differently about leaving?
  • Stephanie – Leading up to retirement, what did you think your biggest challenge was going to be in retirement?  And then now that you’re a few months in, what do you think the biggest challenge actually is?
  • Khang – What MORE do you want to do now that you’ve had some time to acclimate?  Is it an activity you’re surprised to find out about yourself?
  • Rakesh – When is Elizabeth going to join Dusti for running?
  • Eric – How long until Elizabeth is tired of being around Doug for all of those hours in a day?
  • Maggie – Does Elizabeth want to come to CampFI and do puzzles with me?
  • Callie – There is a puzzle competition???!!!  How do you find out about those?!
  • Mira – How is puzzle solving different pre and post retirement?

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0:00 Introduction

3:16 Question – Have you decompressed yet?

7:30 Question – Has your money mindset shifted?

13:50 Question – What were you grateful to have done before retiring?

23:54 Question – Thoughts about finding challenges or fulfillment?

29:22 Question – Balancing productivity vs relaxing vs guilt

36:52 Question – What has been most surprising?

40:49 Question – Biggest challenge in retirement?

46:19 Question – What activity do you want to do more?

53:37 Soundcheck – Misc questions