Mr. Money Mustache, Alan Donegan, Carl Jensen LIVE Q&A Panel | MHFi023

Hold onto your hats, friends! Things are off the chain this week – not only is this a surprise bonus episode, we are also coming at you with the undisputed king of the FI movement: Mr. Money Mustache.

This episode is a recording of a Q&A that took place at The Extraordinary Event  put on by our last guest – Alan Donegan! The Q&A covered a range of topics, but here are a few highlights:

  • When Pete started Mr. Money Mustache, did he expect it would be the phenomenon that it is?
  • Alan, Carl, and Pete discuss what’s next for them
  • Morning routines (or lack thereof)
  • Internal barriers to FI
  • Is the prospect of making money still motivating?
  • How to convince a partner to get on board with FI
  • Surprises about FI life

Mr. Money Mustache Headquarters

Katie and Alan Donegan’s Many Enterprises:


★ Let’s hang out at the EconoMe Conference! ★

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