Get Rich Slowly with JD Roth | MHFi 029

This week’s episode is short but packs a punch!

From the floor of the FinCon expo hall, Doug and Carl interview blogging legend JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly. JD has been in the FI community since its earliest days in the early 2000s. His very successful site has been inspiring readers to save money and get their financial lives on track for over a decade. Here are a few highlights from our discussion:

  • JD shares a recent purchase that is decidedly NOT frugal
  • JD’s experience growing up with parents who weren’t good with money
  • JD’s early money mistakes
  • Starting Get Rich Slowly, selling it, and buying it back
  • Where the FI movement is going

We were so psyched to be able to talk with JD and we hope you’ll be inspired by his words of wisdom!


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