Year End Review | MHFi 036

by Carla | Published: December 21, 2021

Doug and Carl talk about how 2021 went and their goals for 2022. They also talk about asparagus.

Carl comments on Doug’s new hoodie which makes him look exactly like Clifford the big red dog. Or should we say, Clifford the big red Doug.

Mile High FI

  • Did the podcast live up to expectations?
  • Wait, what were the expectations?

Doug and Carl talk about 2021

  • Doug worked less, abandoned a project, went to 3 personal finance events, and took off big chunks of time
  • Carl worked way too much, stopped exercising, and pretty much said Yes! to everything

Doug and Carl share their resolutions for each other

  • Carl should do less, but also meditate and journal
  • Doug should play a live gig and stop obsessing over asparagus



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