Self Publishing Side Hustle to Full-Time | M.K. Williams | MHFi 017

Meet M.K. Williams

In Episode 17 of the Mile High FI Podcast, Doug and Carl talk to M.K. Williams, who is both an accomplished author herself and a coach who works with other authors to help them launch their books out into the world.

She has her own YouTube channel and her own website, both dedicated to teaching authors about the nitty gritty details of what to do after finishing a book (and some motivating tips to actually finish that book in the first place!).

She covers everything from how to self publish, how to market, how to narrate your own audiobook, and what tools work well for authors. Her sites are truly a treasure trove for you if you’re already an author or have ambitions to one day put fingers to keys and write your own book!

She also discusses how to run your own side hustle. M.K. actually had hers in progress before she pulled away from her corporate career. She left her corporate job on a Friday, and began diligently pursuing her passion projects full-time the next Monday!

M.K.’s Passion for FI 

Did we mention that M.K. and her husband are also financially independent? M.K. has been part of the FI community for nearly eight years, and she has lots of insight into how to reach the promised land of financial independence.

She also talks about what her own Post-FI life looks like, and why for so many of us, FI doesn’t mean leaving work behind altogether but on finding work you’re passionate about and would do for free.

We discuss the “Internet Retirement Police” and why, for M.K. she just doesn’t care what anyone else thinks – she and her family are living their best life, and for them, that means continuing to pursue passion projects (which actually make money!) and even traditional work for her husband, because he genuinely loves his job.

M.K. also discusses her love for FI, but also notes how she has moved away from completely associating her identity with it. After automating their finances and hitting their FI number, they no longer have to dedicate as much mental bandwidth to money. They are free to refocus that energy into other interests and dreams.

Balancing it All With a Baby Girl

M.K. and her husband have a baby girl (almost eight months old now) and she talks about the balance of raising an infant while still writing her own books and building her online business that focuses on helping other authors succeed.

We delved deep into the power of FI and not having to get up and go to the office daily when you have a little one who needs you basically every minute that she’s not asleep.

We wrap things up by discussing whether financial independence has improved M.K.’s overall happiness and whether FI is achievable for anyone. Hope you enjoy this episode and be sure to check out all of M.K.’s great resources for writers!



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