The F.I.R.E Planner and How to be Financially Alert | MHFi 030

Doug and Carl interview Michael Quan from Financially Alert. Michael blogs over at Financially Alert, and recently published a book The F.I.R.E. Planner, which you can find on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble!

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Opening: Michael talks about some childhood experiences with fire, the bad kind!


  • Growing up with awesome financial role models
  • Financially Alert blog: Michael’s “why” and the decision to share his net worth
  • Starting and selling a business
  • Real estate: long and short-term rentals

The FIRE Planner, Michael’s new book

  • Why write a book?
  • Income versus growth investing
  • The incredible value of resourcefulness
  • Finding good people to spend your time with
  • Luxury cars?
  • Are early retirees who work truly retired?