Playing with Fire with Scott Rieckens | MHFi 038

Doug and Carl talk with Scott Rieckens, the creator behind the popular Playing with Fire Documentary. A few highlights from our discussion:

  •  How Scott found FI and how he got his wife on board
  • Identifying the top ten things that make you happy (and the ten that make you miserable)
  • How FIRE lets you focus on the good things in life (and why you don’t actually need to be financially independent to do that)
  • Scott’s experiences with negative attitudes towards FIRE
  • Scott’s perfect day
  • Scott’s new project: the online school Hello Compound, where Scott and his partner, Rob, help others to get their financial lives in order.

Playing with FIRE on Amazon

Be sure to check out all Scott’s endeavors and you can follow him on Twitter to see what he’s up to next!