Financial Independence for Teens | Dan Sheeks | MHFI 046

We’re giving away free copies of First to a Million: A Teenager’s Guide to Achieving Early Financial Independence by Dan Sheeks! Leave a comment on the Mile High FI YouTube channel telling us about a teen you think deserves to get a copy of the book. We’ll pick three comments and send you a copy along with the accompanying workbook for you to pass along!

In this episode, Doug and Carl interview Dan Sheeks about teaching teen financial literacy and his new book First to a Million. Here are a few highlights of our discussion:

Dan’s Background

  • traveling the world
  • why traditional investment vehicles like 401(k)s are not for him
  • his biggest money mistake

Teens And Money

  • how to teach teens about money
  • are some humans natural-born savers?
  • what about meme stocks, NFTs, and crypto?
  • the Sheeks Freaks



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