The Personal Finance Podcast, Early Retirement, And Fat FIRE | MHFI 144

Doug and Carl interview Andrew Giancola, host of the wildly successful Personal Finance Podcast.

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Early Retirement

  • How to start on an early retirement journey
  • How much you should have saved by certain ages
  • How to create a bigger gap in income and expenses
  • The 3 Horsemen of the FI-pocalypse: housing, cars, and food

Making $100,000 A Year

  • How to get promoted
  • Doug and Carl’s best tips for success on the job

Personal Finance Podcast

  • Goals of the show
  • Imposter syndrome
  • The meaning of wealth


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0:00 – Intro

0:45 – Who is Andrew Giancola

5:10 – Time management

8:14 Andrew’s corporate job

10:19 – Tips for approaching early retirement

15:06 – Andrew’s beginnings

16:15 -Why retiring early is not for everyone

19:06 – Lifestyle inflation

23:18 – Splurging

24:14 – Andrew’s take on frugality

26:16 – How much do you save in certain ages of life

32:15 – Income vs. expenses gap

38:54 – FI framework and how to get promoted

49:05 – Protecting assets

54:19 – Goals

55:39 – Imposter syndrome

59:00 – The meaning of wealth

1:00:19 – The perfect day