Telling non-FIRE People About FIRE With Justin Robbins | MHFI 153

Doug and Carl talk to Longmontian Justin Robbins about how to broach the subject of FIRE with other humans (and if it’s even a good idea)!


  • Childhood
  • How Justin turned getting laid off into a great experience
  • Discovering FIRE

Telling non-FIRE people about FIRE

  • Carl is a FIsplainer
  • How Justin quit his job
  • Why are American identities so tied up in work?
  • Is FIRE a cult? And will it ever be mainstream?
  • Justin’s biggest challenge in retirement
  • Why Carl thinks FIRE is the best life hack ever

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0:00 Intro

2:17 Justin’s background

8:17 Discovering the FIRE movement

15:15 Thoughts on retirement and going back to work

19:17 The importance of having a supportive partner

22:23 Telling non-FIRE people about FIRE

24:31 Misunderstanding FI

26:32 The ”What do you do for work?” question

32:18 Should we bother telling other people about FIRE?

36:59 Is the FIRE community a cult?

38:20 Why FI will never be mainstream

43:45 Advice for approaching early retirement

45:36 Exercising your mind

47:00 Hiking

49:54 The impact of inflation on early retirement

53:51 Lessons and challenges

59:21 Why FIRE is the best life hack

1:03:36 The perfect day

1:05:31 Where to find Justin on social media