Entrepreneurship: From Mac & Cheese to Fintech | MHFI 166

Doug and his co-host Amberly chat with Chen-Chen Huo, co-founder of a banking startup called Nexus. Chen-Chen has a very interesting path as an entrepreneur, working first in the mac & cheese business before moving into fintech.  Nexus has some cool, disruptive ideas, such as providing users the ability to invest their full balance to earn market returns, with the idea that your bank account should be earning money for you and not the bank.

  • Choosing entrepreneurship vs. a safer route
  • Risk avoidance/risk tolerance
  • What enabled risk-taking & runway for growing a business
  • Building a good team
  • Goals at Nexus and how it works
  • And of course, Mac & Cheese

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0:00 Introduction

1:20 Build-your-own mac & cheese (MAC’D)

7:19 Amberly & Chen-Chen at Econome

13:47 Chen-Chen’s financial upbringing

20:07 Entrepreneurship & risk-taking

28:57 Nexus – revolutionizing banking

34:54 Comparing food industry vs. fintech

41:11 Building a good team

46:02 Accountability

50:25 How Nexus operates