Mad Fientist on Evolution of FIRE: A Founder’s Reflections | MHFI 176

Brandon, the Mad Fientist, has changed his view on FIRE and spending over the years. This is a rebroadcast of the interview from early 2022, and there is a new introduction in the first few minutes. Bradon has been on a bunch of podcasts in the last few months, and he’s embracing spending.

So you might have heard Brandon on Choose FI, Bigger Pockets Money, or his own podcast talking to Ramit Sethi about spending more and trying to be less frugal. So it’s cool to hear how he has changed his views over time.

– Carl and Brandon reminisce about their first meeting almost 10 years ago!
– Discovering JD Roth and FIRE
– Mad Fientist: new features coming soon to the FI Laboratory
– How to spend money or not (The Switzerland Incident)
– Michelin 3 star restaurants versus Taco Bell
– Where is the FIRE movement going?
– Why the Mad Fientist loves routines
– For the love of coding


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