Four Mini Case Studies | MHFI 183

Doug and Carl review 4 listener case studies. Listener #1 loved his 38 year career. Listener #2 is only 27, but is ready to hang up the keyboard. Listener #3 wants advice on how to leave his job. Listener #4 makes the case for going part-time.

  • Intro: Doug talks about his Never Nude Ken doll. Carl talks about what his Ken doll would look like.
  • Steve LOVED his career and makes the case for work.
  • Ryan LOVES to ski and at the age of 27, doesn’t want to work anymore. Is this a good idea?
  • Zak wants to make the jump to freelance life and is looking for advice.
  • Kevin part-times his way to happiness, even though it’s delaying his FI date.

Listener Question: If your net worth magically went to $100,000,000 tomorrow, would you still work? If so, what do you do and is your employer hiring? Leave your answer in the comments.

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0:00 Introduction

1:52 MHFI Dolls

6:36 Case Study 1 (Steve): Pro-Work

16:32 Case Study 2 (Ryan): Ski or work hard?

25:06 Case Study 3 (Zak): Freelancing

34:02 Case Study 4 (Kevin): Reduced schedule

40:53 Transitioning from work

47:29 What job would you work for $10MM?

55:43 Soundcheck – Barbie