Questions From The Facebook Group | MHFI 184

Doug, Carl and special guest Mindy discuss listener questions submitted on the Mile High FI Facebook group. They talk about mortgages, what Carl would have done differently, frugality, and living in an expensive city.

  • Intro: Are you on Team Pumpkin Spice? The debate exposes divisions within the Mile High FI team.
  • Should you wait to buy a house?
  • Carl didn’t do FIRE correctly.
  • Frugality: Cell phone plans, food, and Costco tips
  • I live in an expensive city. What should I do?
  • Soundcheck: Mindy can say naughty words on Mile High FI. Will she?

Listener Question: Are high mortgage rates preventing you from moving or buying a home?

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0:00 Introduction

2:03 Pumpkin spice

6:31 Should I wait to buy a house?

11:10 What changes would you make yesterday?

19:45 What is Doug frugal with on a daily basis?

26:51 What is Mindy frugal with?

32:22 What is Carl frugal with?

36:15 What would you spend money on?

40:59 What to do if you’re living in a high cost of living area?

52:50 Soundcheck – Goodwill & Asparagus