How We Improved Sleep | MHFI 191

Doug and Carl talk about sleeping better.  Both have been terrible sleepers in the past and have improved a lot recently.  They discuss several of their top changes and provide various sleep tips along the way:

  • Sleep history, struggles, and habits
  • Sleep goals and why these are important
  • Tips:
    • Don’t have an alarm/wake up naturally
    • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule
    • Hot showers before bedtime
    • Keeping it dark
    • Sleep hygiene, temperature, and white noise
    • Avoiding stressful activities before bedtime
    • Avoid eating before bedtime
    • No alcohol
    • Don’t drink fluids before bedtime
    • Exercise early in the day
    • Optional sleep supplements

Listener Question: What is your best sleep tip?

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0:00 Introduction

3:28 Sleep history & struggles

12:58 Current sleep habits & goals

19:46 Tip: Wake up naturally

23:31 Tip: Consistent sleep schedule

26:37 Tip: Sleep environment & hygiene

33:50 Dreams

40:11 Tip: Things to avoid before bedtime

47:32 Supplements

52:15 Soundcheck – Fitness goal updates