Should I Quit My Corporate Job & Mailbag | MHFI 215

Doug and Carl work through a case study from listener Frank and also answer questions from the Facebook mailbag.

  • Frank – Has a stressful, yet well paying job.  Should he stay at his current job, which he doesn’t like so much, or move on to something else that he’s been contemplating for a while?
  • Rich
    • What does a typical daily meal and snack look like?  If you had to change it up, what would you do to make it more ideal?
    • What are a couple of key takeaways that you have learned by chatting with other FIRE folks that you are trying to instill in your life?
    • If you had a second home, what city or state would it be in and why?
  • Paddy – Carl has built an Allan Block retaining wall; would he do this again or hire out?  If so, any tips?
  • John – Who wins in a footrace – Doug or Carl?

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0:00 Introduction

2:02 Frank’s case study summary

8:35 Leaving the job vs. phoning it in

15:56 Contract work or entrepreneurship

21:43 Question – What is a typical daily meal or snack?

30:13 Vacation eating & summer plans

36:13 Question – Key takeaways from other FIRE folks?

45:48 Question – Location of a second home?

50:07 Question – Tips for building a retaining wall

53:29 Question – Who wins in a footrace?

58:58 Soundcheck – Hoffman Process incident