Mr. Money Mustache on The Shockingly Simple Secret to Happiness (and maybe it’s not so simple) | MHFI 143

Doug and Carl interview friend, fellow Longmonster, and FIRE legend Mr. Money Mustache (aka Pete Adeney).

When Tim Ferriss interviewed Pete, they ended by talking about Pete’s desire to own a local community gathering space. This is the jumping off point for the Mile High FI conversation.

But, they go a lot deeper too. No talk about index funds or the 4% Rule. That stuff has been covered.

Instead, this conversation is about happiness, journeys, and meaning.

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MMM HQ Coworking

  • How Pete and Carl came to own a coworking space
  • What happens at HQ
  • Is HQ a coworking space or social club?


  • The real goal of Mr. Money Mustache (it’s not moneymap)
  • What is happiness?
  • The factors that lead to happiness
  • Journey versus goals

Pete’s perfect day


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0:00 – Intro

1:53 – How Carl met Mr Mustache

11:12 – Who is Mr Mustache?

17:30 – Carl’s real estate story

21:20 – The coworking space and its unexpected benefits

27:38 – Happiness

31:40 – Can success sometimes make you miserable?

36:20 – The Mr Mustache blog

38:49 – Self-improvement, gratitude and self-control

46:12 – Factors that lead to happiness

54:56 – Pete’s Netflix documentary

57:33 – The Tim Ferriss show

1:0:22 -Removing negativity from your life

1:6:33 – Happiness and FIRE

1:15:51 – Struggles

1:20:16 – Making plans

1:22:20 – Why doing the hard stuff makes your life better

1:26:41 – Public speaking and anxiety

1:28:56 – Taking the easier route

1:33:25 – Cheese, FI and more

1:36:15 – Goals

1:39:40 – Reflecting on the journey

1:42:22 – Pete’s perfect day